Evolving the Human Experience


The Wholistic Collective is an online community dedicated to conversations that evolve our human experience. Through genuine idea-sharing and discourse, we will weave together diverse perspectives to create a better understanding of topics like health, wellness, travel, lifestyle and more. Our mission is to encourage genuine conversation with everyday folks about topics that impact our lives. Together, our vision is to elevate and evolve the human experience. The only rule in this group is the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have done unto you.



You can't have a discussion about elevating the human experience without including a discussion about health. From what we eat and drink to the products we put on our bodies, our health can determine how we feel, how we move, how we think, and how we connect with others. Here is a preview of the discussions and conversations we plan:

  • Roundtable discussions on food production, food quality, and debunking food

  • Cooking demonstrations and "how to" explanations

  • Incorporating wellness products and produce into your daily life


Lifestyle & Social

We're here to remind you that healthy living is FUN! Refueling our minds and bodies involves finding healthy ways to relax, live in the moment, and rejuvenate. The good news is we have lots of practice in this area! Join  The Wholistic Collective during the following planned discussions:

  • Book Club: recommended books and articles

  • Life and Wine: enjoy a glass of wine as we reflect on life

  • Peace Bunny Shenanigans: connecting people through interviews, imagery, and culture

  • The Milkman: returning to a slow, intentional, mindful way of life


Healthy Learning

A healthy life includes healthy finances, healthy careers/jobs, healthy families and much more. Our experts are ready to share insights and education about topics that can affect the way you make decisions. The Wholistic Collective brings our community together to elevate everyone on topics like:

  • The politics of farm-to-table

  • Personal perspectives on the business of running a garden and market

  • Product talk: calling out mislabeled and misrepresented products

  •  Financial wellness: alternative portfolio and holistic management as well as discussion on fringe investments like crypto and cannabis