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The Natural Story of Wine

Today, less than 10% of wine is natural. 

We believe in Real Wine, wine that holds the story of the people who made it and the place from which it comes. What we believe is that a wine is not great because it is natural, but that a great natural wine can be extraordinary. 

We can’t wait to share the magic with you. 

What is natural wine? Well, we’d love to talk to you about it if you’d like to drop by. In brief, natural wine is made with clean farming in the vineyard and no chemical intervention in the cellar, as all wine was made for thousands of years: just grapes and time. 

Wine is Food, by Eric Asimov, the NYTimes wine writer

Wine Club

Just like our entire store, our wine club is all natural wine as well. Every month we work hard to jam as much pure coolness as is humanly possible into our shares. Membership is limited, but if a program you are interested in is currently full, we always maintain our waiting list. We will reach out when a slot opens up so you can join in the fun as soon as possible! 

$100/month for 6 bottles

We pick 2 reds, 2 whites, and 2 wild cards. Wild cards can be white, red, rosé, orange, sparkling, or cider. We like to think of this program as a life hack. You never have to worry about finding a reasonable and delicious bottle to bring as a gift, share with company, or open for yourself when it’s time to Netflix and chill. Get out of your corner store rut and enjoy some armchair travel with your quality daily glass.

$200/month for 6 bottles

Savor the experience of having your own sommelier, a personal wine shopper who picks out bottles that will be perfect for you. And as a kicker, the wines come at the Friday night tasting discount of 20% off. Want to build your cellar a little each month and also have wines ready to drink now? Sure! Want all red? All white? All sparkling because you’re just that fabulous? No problem. Our vino geniuses will select wines based on your personal profile.

Wine Classes & Events

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Farm to Glass

We're excited to release the next few months of our class schedule.

Take one or take them all, we are pacing them at one a month to give you the chance to become a student of wine.

Follow the links to our Evenbrite page. 

Current Wine List

White Wine
Red Wine