A Cooperative Farming Community

Liberty Farm Market is home to cooperative (co-op) partners that bring healthy, organic foods and lifestyle products right to you. From organic, high-quality grass-fed beef from Grassland Graze to all-natural vitamins and supplements from Sandy's Health and Wellness, we are making it fun and easy to find healthy, local, organic products for you and your family. 


Grassland Graze

Co-op partner

We started out in 2004 with a mission to provide the highest quality grass-fed beef to our local community. We choose pure bred Angus from a twenty year old closed herd. We believe after almost ten years we have come full circle in the understanding of “the way things are”.

“Our cattle give so much to us, that the least we can do, is provide them with what makes them happiest: grass, sunshine and water.” – Kip Kummerle


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Sandy's Health and Wellness

co-op partner

Sandy's Health and Wellness is a health and wellness shop that offers all natural, high quality herbs and vitamins, therapeutic grade essential oils, Himalayan salt lamps, crystals, teas, tinctures, ionic foot detox, kangen water, high quality water filters, mindfulness and meditation classes, books, and much more!

Our goal is merge the best of ancient and modern medicine in order to offer a more integrative and holistic approach to wellness.



Just Farmin'

Co-op partner

Just Farmin' grows natural produce in the purest form so that health conscience people can eat what we produce and feel safe. You can feel confident eating our produce: there are just a few steps between the soil in which our vegetables grow and the market where you buy them. 


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The Farmer’s Wine Shop

Co-op partner

The Farmer’s Wine Shop offers wine created from biodynamic, organic, sustainably grown grapes.