All Are Welcome Here.

We are on a mission to make healthy living easier. Liberty Farm Market is located in Liberty Township north of Cincinnati, Ohio. At the core of Liberty Farm Market is our co-op marketplace, where we offer the highest quality non-GMO products, including grass-fed meats, local and organic groceries, and eggs. We believe in knowing the source of your food, and Liberty Farm Market is home to two different local growers and producers: Grassland Graze and Just Farmin' CSA. Your food does not travel for hundreds of miles, pumped with preservatives and fillers. In fact, it's just a few steps from our fields to our market. We are also your one-stop-shop for herbs, teas, vitamins, supplements, essential oils, homeopathy, natural skin care, and more through the work of local co-op partners like Sandy's Health and Wellness.

We believe Mother Nature is the purest source of healing, providing us with the food to keep us well and the medicine to heal us when we are sick. Our mission is to nurture a more sustainable, healthy food supply and harness the power of nature’s medicine to keep our community strong and thriving. Come be a part of Liberty Farm Market, where we offer you and your family a path to wellness through healthy products, ongoing education, and a community of people who care.


Liberty Farm Market Photo Gallery

These beautiful photos were provided by Valeriya Maynich on behalf of Liberty Farm Market.

Liberty Farm Market is located north of Cincinnati in Liberty Township.